Retroactive Downgrade 2014

Recently, I had a minor anime relapse. To the tune of 44 episodes in 3 days. The main series I completed during this time was Mononoke (++), a show in the genre I’m going to call Anthology Anime. Basically, it’s a collection of short stories, each of which takes place over a couple of episodes, only connected by an overarching universe and main character. Mononoke is interesting in that it’s basically a series of whodunits, similar in some ways to UN-GO, except executed better all around. Seeing as Mononoke is a solid ++ show, I vaguely remembered giving UN-GO an ++ as well, despite its definite inferiority in caliber.

It seems like a good time for what’s becoming a tradition ’round these parts – a Retroactive Downgrade.

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Talking About Sports Without Being a Dipshit: A Guide to Advanced Stats

Let’s get this shit started. You’re a casual sports fan, looking to get further into your sport of choice. Serious fans are using stats and acronyms that fly over your head. You just want to know if your team is good! Why is this shit so hard? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.
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Neo-Venezia’s Official Football Club

Aria is a good show, but it’s a little bit girly. You can tell because there’s no sports in Neo-Venezia. What the hell is a guy supposed to do for fun? There’s only so much tea-drinking and gondola-riding you can do before your blood starts to boil for something to riot about. Enter the beautiful game.

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